Doggy day care & grooming services in Gympie

If you hate the thought of your four-legged friend being home alone all day while you’re away at work, hanging with friends or running errands, then you need the assistance of a doggy day care. Your pooch will never be lonely when it’s playing with friends here at Gympie Doggy Day Care!

Our friendly staff are trained in caring for your pet with love, patience, and professionalism. We love dogs, so you can rest assured that your furry friend is getting plenty of one-on-one attention, while also being given loads of time to run around and play with their doggy buddies.

We have a spacious indoor play area where our dogs can run, play, or get some tummy rubs. We also provide comfortable rest areas, healthy treats, and have a fully equipped grooming area set up, so your pup can have a wash and trim. We also offer free ear inspections and nail trims for your dog.
Dog Groomed — Doggy Day Care in Gympie, QLD

We’re a Premier Doggy Day Care!

Not only do we offer run of the mill grooming services, but we also have a twin tank hydrobath that will massage your pup from top to bottom. It’s like a day spa, for your dog! Once your pet is relaxed and happy, we’ll make sure they’re clean and dry before you pick them up, so you can be sure you’re getting one happy pup!
All of our staff members have a love of dogs, so you can be sure that we’re having as much fun as your furry friend during their stay! All dogs are given ample room to play and relax, and they’re never lonely while you’re away for the day. Whether you need an ongoing doggy day care to accommodate your work schedule, or you just need an occasional sitter to keep your dog happy while you’re out running errands, we’re here to help!
Dog laying on the bed — Doggy Day Care in Gympie, QLD
We offer a full service day care for your dog, which includes a large play area, plenty of interaction with our staff, and time to relax after all the running around!
Dog after grooming — Doggy Day Care in Gympie, QLD
Our expert groomers are professionally trained, and work from a large grooming area. We offer a full range of grooming services including, washing and trimming. We even have a twin-tank heated hydrobath for relaxation.
Dog on dogs bed — Doggy Day Care in Gympie, QLD
Take a look at some of our happy pups enjoying Gympie Doggy Day Care!